We are looking for enthusiastic and energetic people that want to be paid to shop.

Be Paid To Shop

We work with Australian and international leading brands. These organisations want to know what it feels like to be a customer in their business. 

They want to know what it feels like to be a customer in their business.

Become Your Own Boss 

Join our savvy team of Shoppers and this fun and flexible hobby job will give you the opportunity to share your customer service experiences while you are out shopping. 

You are able to fit in Mystery shopping around your lifestyle. Be your own boss!!!

We Need Your Help 

As a mystery shopper your feedback assists our valued clients to measure their customer service performance and implement strategies to improve the customer experience. Our Mystery Shoppers are the vital link in the chain! 

If you are reliable, self-motivated and want to make a difference to customer service then this is for you.

How Does Mystery Shopping Work?

Mystery Shoppers visit specific stores and businesses to observe and experience customer service.

The Mystery Shoppers then complete an online survey based on the experience they had.

The Mystery Shopper is then paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many mystery shopping assignments will I receive?

This will vary from month to month as availabilities are dependent on client requirements, the location of where you live and whether you want to undertake the shop assignments on offer. As a result, PR is unable to guarantee any number of assignments or continual regular work. 

How often you work is completely up to you. The self select system allows you to control your workload and you have access to the job board 24/7.

You can even complete mystery shopping assignments whilst on holidays (you must have access to the internet), just check the State and/or area you will be holidaying in during that timeframe.

Rate of pay 

Payment for each assignment varies and you may also be provided with a purchase allowance depending on the assignment to measure the service received from the cashier. 

You will be advised of the rate of pay and purchase allowance limit for each assignment via the job board under shopper information before you agree to complete the assignment. 

You will only be paid for successful completion of your review after you work has been reviewed and finalised.

How Do I Get Started?

**There are two more pages after clicking on SUBMIT. You need to complete the application forms to be a successful applicant

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